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The stories in this book are inspirational in nature and prompt people to tap into their unlimited potential. Denise’s story is published alongside stories from successful entrepreneurs like Janet Attwood, NY Best Selling Author of The Passion Test, and Bob Doyle, Best Selling Author and Law of Attraction expert featured in the book and the movie ‘The Secret’, as well as others that took extraordinary leaps of faith or manifested amazing opportunities. These authors have found their mission, their calling and live life on purpose. Read this book to turn your current reality into the life of your dreams.



Adventures in Manifesting: Passion and Purpose

Presented by Alska Publishing, Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson
Featuring Denise O’Brien

$27.99 (incl. shipping)

10%  of all book sale proceeds will go directly to:  Wings of Love International, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Inc. committed to improving the lives of thousands of individuals a year, providing education that will help prevent the cycle of domestic violence abuse. Please feel free to directly donate to Wings of Love International, Inc. here: DONATE

CEO | DOME Consulting, LLC

I Assist clients around the world to promote their companies through marketing, public relations, special events, product launches, and by providing exciting lucrative and networking opportunities.


I plan and host celebrity special events, product launches, red carpet celebrations, and fashion shows incorporating all areas of publicity and promotion. In addition to copy writing, producing, and public relations, I have also been a keynote speaker at thousands of corporate events for over 30 years, providing inspiration and education on a variety of topics in many different global arenas.

I have hosted a radio show with KXLU Los Angeles, worked as a producer at KNBC TV, a copywriter at Ellis & Ross LA Advertising Agency, and a freelance spokeswoman, branding specialist and sales force trainer. I have also been interviewed by the media representing many of my clients and their companies.


For 25+ years I have enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that running my own business allows.

I train and coach Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants in my home office/studio by appointment only.

I teach skin care and makeup artistry to private clients as well as mentor women around the country on how to start and successfully run their own businesses, building leaders for the Mary Kay corporation. You can check out my Mary Kay website: http://www.marykay.com/DeniseOB

CEO | Founder & Executive Director
Wings Of Love International, Inc. | 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Founded to assist men, women and their families, worldwide, to become emotionally healthy and financially independent despite the obstacles of abuse.

Our mission is to empower, educate and inspire a pathway from abuse to emotional health, wholeness, and abundance.

Supporting our mission at Wings of Love International is a 24/7 labor of love, and we’d love your support too!

Join me in helping others around the world who desperately need your support. Check out our FB group page at the following Wings of Love International nonprofit link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wings-of-Love-International/353332051381. And also check out our website: www.WingsOfLoveIntl.org.